Quality vs. Quantity

The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.
-Martin Luther King Jr.

You could live until you were 100 years old but if you don’t live a life of quality what’s the point?

Try not to get weighed down by the negativity that life can bring, don’t consume yourself with gossip, selfishness, hostility or any of the other things that take away from your quality of life. Instead, embrace this wonderful life God has given you, enjoy your family, spend time with friends, and always remember to be grateful and kind.

It’s not the quantity of years you live but the quality within them that’s all important. People go to extremes to ‘buy time’ and will pay lots of money to correct what’s wrong on the outside, however, never stop to think maybe it’s the inside that needs the repairs? No matter how long you’re here for, once you’re gone, people may remember you for the good or the bad but only God truly knows your ❤.

So try to make just one change towards a better quality of life, that way you can make sure you leave this place a little better off than when you arrived and that where you arrive, is better off than this place.

I’d love to know what changes you will make today towards a better quality of life, please let me know in the comments below, look forward to hearing from you!


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