Faith Lift

So I’ve been on what you can call a ‘spiritual journey’, it’s been exciting, eye opening, and very much enlightening. And no, it doesn’t involve yoga or meditation or becoming one with the universe, it instead involves a close relationship with God and Christ (for those of you who all of sudden just got the urge to run, like a vampire does when he sees a cross, keep reading I promise not to get weird on you.)

You see I’ve always been ‘religious’ or so I thought. I was brought up in the Catholic faith, I attended church and catechism, I completed all the necessary classes (confession, communion, confirmation) in order to, I guess, become an upstanding catholic girl and have a better understanding of my faith, the sad thing is, I didn’t. It was more like just going through the motions (stand, sit, do sign of the cross, the priest says some things I don’t understand, I say the Lord’s prayer, a Hail Mary in there somewhere, I do the sign of the cross again and then I’m off to play) and that’s how it was for me. It wasn’t until recently that I realized, although I may have been ‘religious’ I was far from having an actual relationship with God, it had nothing to do with religion or attending church but everything to do with having Faith. I am now a Christian and I now fully understand the true meaning of Faith.

Now for those of you who get all weirded out and uncomfortable (as mentioned above) with religion or God or Jesus, don’t worry, I’m not trying to convert you or throw the Bible at you. I just feel, since this blog was intended to motivate, to inspire and to help women overcome their weaknesses, what good is it all if you don’t have a firm foundation built first? If everything in life was left up to you and you alone, what happens when ‘you’ lets YOU down. If you don’t have someone greater than you to lean on when the World turns its back on you (and it will) then you are in for a real disappointment and that’s what I want to help prevent.

As a woman in my 30’s, I know how difficult life can be and believe me life has definitely dealt me some serious blows; it wasn’t until recently that I finally decided to quit blaming, to quit being angry, to learn to forgive and to just surrender myself to the Lord and boy has it been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It has only been six months into my journey but the growth within myself is as if it’s been six years. Last year, this time, I was far as could be from God, even though he was always close by – just waiting.

As I look at the women around me, I see that same hurt and anger in them and although I try lifting their spirits with motivation and encouragement I know it’s not enough. As I build them up, it slowly sinks below and gets swallowed up beneath the hurt, anger and frustration.

Through this journey I’ve learned, before you can reach for the stars and follow your dreams, you need to love yourself and in order to love yourself, you must first love the Lord. “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4


So all I want to do is just share my journey with you and what I discover along the way. Maybe it will answer questions you might have, maybe you’ll learn something you never even knew, maybe you can teach me a thing or two or maybe – just maybe it will place a seed in your heart that might sprout and grow into a full on love affair with God.

Everyone wants meaning and purpose in life but only God can give it to you, so before you start searching in things try searching in him first. As women from all walks of life, whatever your faith or religion may be, it’s time to band together and help each other to become greater role models, greater mothers, greater wives and greater human beings and in order to do that we must first become greater women through Christ.

(I may gain or lose some people just by the mere mention of God or Jesus but that’s okay, this is something that’s been put on my heart for quite sometime and it’s what I need to do. And don’t worry, you will still get the good old motivation you were used to – just with a Faith Lift)

As always, your thoughts, prayers and suggestions are always welcome.
God Bless.


4 thoughts on “Faith Lift

  1. Veronica says:

    Jaime and I are so happy for you and Gabriel. To know that you are walking strong with the Lord is so awesome to hear. We have been walking with the Lord for almost four years now and its the best thing that ever happened to us in our marriage and in life in general. I, like you, was raised catholic. I went to catholic school my whole life. And i felt the same way as you did. I never really understood or cared to know what they were talking about during the mass. I did the routine on Sunday (when it wasnt too hot, too cold, or when i wasnt tired..or whatever excuse I made up in my mind that week) and then went about my way, not thinking twice about the sacrifice Jesus made for us and not knowing that we could have a personal relationship with Him!
    It wasnt until we accepted the Lord that we found true peace, joy and unconditional love. The most amazing thing is that our circumstances havent changed all that much. We still have trials and tribulations (These past few years have been really rough), but our perspective has changed. We dont have to let those things control us because we know the one who controls everything!!!
    And for us one of the most amazing things is that we will be reunited with our kids in heaven. We didnt get to hold them here on earth, but we will get to hold them in heaven =).


    • Anita Maldonado says:

      Definitely, I use to go by the motto you only live once but now I realize you have to live this life like your living for eternity because after all, that is our destiny.


  2. T. Collins says:

    I too was raised Catholic – for several years now I have been blessed to have an amazing relationship with the God of my understanding. Footprints in the sand is the best way I can describe it. God is always there when I seek Him – when I realize I can’t and don’t have to do it alone.


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