Do You Want It Bad Enough?

“At one point in your life you either have the things you want or the reasons why you don’t.”

-Andy Roddick

If we were paid for every excuse we had for not doing or having the things we wanted in life, we’d be pretty rich by now!

And if we spent as much time focusing on the things that we wanted rather than the reasons why we don’t have them – then we would have them already!

We all have excuses for something: we’re too young, too old, too busy, too tired, it’s too hard, too risky, too costly…

We have all the resources and possibilities at our fingertips, we are more privileged than anywhere else in the world.

If people can come from other countries, speaking no English, with no money, no family, and have everything they wanted and more…then why can’t you or I?

Start holding yourselves accountable and lose the excuses, if you don’t have the things that you want – then you must not want it bad enough.

Is there something you want bad enough?
Do you have a success story?
If so, please share with us below.

Until next time…always remember to put into prayer – then put into action.


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