You Are Who You Are

“I am what I am and that’s all that I am.”

Leave it to a children’s cartoon to explain something so simple, yet something so often forgotten by us adults.

Sometimes we need reminding that we are who we are – a beautiful creation from God, with a spirit and a soul that is capable of anything – just the way God intended us to be.

Children live by this all the time, that’s why they say what’s on their mind, ask for what they want when they want it, and do whatever it takes to achieve what their little heart desires (even a triple nose dive off the table trying to reach that one last chocolate chip cookie!)

They are fearless, limitless, relentless – until the labels and doubt are placed upon them…

The labels that tell them they’re not strong enough, brave enough, smart enough or that they’re too young, too old, too scared or too shy and the list goes on.

We all have allowed labels to be placed on us, which over time causes us to doubt ourselves and all that we can achieve.

Whether they were placed upon you by yourself, your parents, your friends, or your past relationships, it’s time to break free of these labels; they do not make you nor do they define you, all they do is limit you.

God made us individually unique for a reason, so embrace who you were created to be; it’s time to live fearless, limitless, and relentless all through the grace of God.

After all, you are who you are and these (labels) you are not…

Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes. (Ephesians 4:23 NLT)

Are you letting certain labels or self-doubt hold you back? As always, I’d love to hear from you.

For a long time, I carried the label that I was ‘too shy’ which held me back from a lot of great opportunities but not anymore – just look at me now!


2 thoughts on “You Are Who You Are

  1. Jennifer De La Cruz says:

    Hi, Anita. This comes at a very good time for me. Yes, I am who God made me to be, despite those around me expecting me to conform to them. I have a pretty good ability and habit of bending over backwards, but when I start losing my balance, I need to stop and realize that it’s simply not something I should be compromising on. Thanks for the post!


    • Anita Maldonado says:

      Yes, you should never compromise yourself for others. As I said, embrace who God created you to be and others will have no choice but to embrace you as well. Thanks for sharing and glad you enjoyed the post!


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