His Love

I don’t know what it is but today I’m just overjoyed with the love of Christ.

Maybe it’s because I heard an awesome message today at church, or maybe it’s just being in a room full of peace and love, where everyone’s differences, attitudes, worries, and problems are put aside for a greater purpose, that just does something to the soul.

It’s just something about His love that is so indescribable, so much so it brings me to tears thinking about it, so much so that I had to stop everything I was doing and just write about it in the middle of the Costco parking lot, that’s how powerful His love is.

I suggest, if you don’t know this kind of love, if you’ve never had this feeling of a schoolgirl in love for the first time, if you are lonely and looking for love in all the wrong places, you should try Him because his love is Amazing.

Thanks for listening – God Bless.


5 thoughts on “His Love

  1. Veronica says:

    Amen! This was the daily devotion for today (Joyce Meyer).
    What Is God’s Love Like?
    Why does God love us as imperfect as we are? Because He wants to—it pleases Him. It’s in His very nature to love us, no matter how sinful our actions may be.

    God conquers evil with good (see Romans 12:21). He does that by pouring out His limitless grace upon us so that when we sin, His grace becomes greater than our sin. And just as it is impossible for God not to love, so it is impossible for us to do anything to keep Him from loving us.

    God loves because that is His nature. He is love (see 1 John 4:8). He may not always love everything we do, but He does love us. God’s love is the power that forgives our sins, heals our emotional wounds and mends our broken hearts (see Psalm 147:3).

    God’s love is unconditional; it is based on Him, not us! Once you realize that God loves you regardless of what you have or haven’t done, you can experience incredible breakthrough. You can quit trying to earn His love and simply receive it and enjoy it.

    Prayer Starter: God, Your love is incredible. Focusing on Your love reminds me that it’s based on Your goodness, not my actions. Help me to receive Your love for me.


    • Anita M says:

      Thank you for that, love Joyce Meyer also! Sometimes it can seem complicated or just unimaginable that there is such a love but it’s actually real simple and it’s only when you get out of the way, that He can truly go to work. I have quit try to figure it out and am now just receiving it and loving it. Thanks for sharing!


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