What if God is Real?


Today this blog post focuses on those who don’t believe in God; to those with doubts, reservations or uncertainty because those who know God, already know He’s real

What’s Your Wager

So let me ask those who are unsure — What if He is real?

What do you really lose by taking a chance on Him?

I’ll tell you you might risk losing; you might risk losing your selfishness and may start caring about others more than you do yourself; you risk losing the ability to hate and instead may start forgiving people; you risk giving away things like your time, money and talents to those in need; you risk losing the ability to make irresponsible decisions and may start thinking before you act and ultimately you risk giving up an empty and meaningless life for an amazing purpose-filled one. 

To me it seems that you have far more to gain than you have to lose. 

So what if the only thing separating  you from living a meaningless life versus an eternal life is believing in Jesus, would it be worth it?

Eyes Wide Shut

You may ask, “How can someone believe in a God they can’t see?” and my answer is, you’re right, I don’t see Him — but I feel Him.  

Just like the wind that blows or the air we breath, I don’t see it either but I feel it; I feel the wind as it blows gently through my hair and I feel the air as it fills my lungs and gives me life and that’s why I believe. 

It’s not what I see but what I feel. 

There’s a line in a song that says “I hear these people asking me, how do I know what I believe, well I’m not the same me and that’s all the proof I need.” I know the life I’ve lived – empty, lonely and meaningless and I know the life I live and the person I’ve become and that is all the proof I need. 

As the bible says, taste and see that the Lord is good. 

Take a chance on Him and risk giving up your life in order to find it

The fact that our heart yearns for something this earth can’t supply, is proof that heaven must be our home. -C.S. Lewis

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God Bless. 

Anita M. 


The line from the song referenced above is from Britt Nicole’s All This Time. 

Photo created courtesy of YouVersion Bible app. 


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