Discovering God’s Peace 

There’s just something about God’s peace and His love that surpasses all understanding. It just boggles my mind.

As humans our natural tendency is to worry, to stress, and to be on edge and because of that, some of us never experience pure peace within.

Everyone says they want peace, they want joy but I don’t know if many people can really describe what that means until they’ve experienced it from God.

What made me think about this was my recent experience with stress; I don’t know how many commuters I have out there but I know you’re out there and I know you feel my pain!

Something that seems as simple as driving a car is not very simple at all, especially on these California highways at 7:00 am on a weekday.

If you want to test your patience then just try it out – you’ll find it very…hmm how do you say – FRUSTRATING!

Of course everyone on the road is a terrible driver (except you); no one can drive fast enough, smart enough, or as clever as you; you have someone weaving in and out traffic; someone sitting right on your bumper; then you have the teenage kid who’s staring at his lap the whole time (we all know you’re not staring at your legs while driving so quit trying to be sneaky!)

And then you get the inevitable Sig-Alert – uggh!

I have to admit, sometimes I’m ashamed of myself; there are times when I’m driving along the road listening to my Christian music, praising God and then all of sudden someone cuts me off, “What the heck, watch it you jerk!” Immediately I’m convicted!

But the worst of it is when I carpool with my husband and I take it out on him, as if he created the traffic or caused the accident or had any control over the kid on the cellphone who’s not paying attention.

By the time I get to my destination I’m beat, moody, grumpy, angry, frustrated and oh, how it can ruin my whole day – – if I allow it.

When I have days like this I immediately go to prayer.

I always try to start my day off in prayer, which makes a huge difference but when I hit a major obstacle that throws me off course like this, I know I need God’s direction.

As soon as I sit down and just pour my heart out to God and ask him for His peace, His calmness and His patience, He immediately delivers.

It’s like He just lifts that heavy weight right off my back and fills me up with His peace.

Maybe you don’t commute and don’t have to deal with all the people on the road like I do but I’m sure there is some area that has you frustrated from time to time.

It could be your finances; bills pile up, it feels like you never get ahead, an emergency hits and wipes you out.

It could be your children; maybe they don’t respect you, appreciate you, or they disregard your guidance and direction.

It could be your work; you may feel unappreciated, overworked, unfulfilled.

It could be a number of things; you fill in the blank _____________.

There’s a saying, “have you prayed about it as much as you’ve complained about it” and many of you would probably answer No – my answer is no.

We forget that we can come to God about anything, we may think, what can God do about traffic or our bills or our work but that’s the wrong attitude to have.

He can do amazing things about it, things you and I would probably never think of.

“No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, nor mind has imagined the plans I have for those who love me.” 1Corinthians 2:9

No, He’s not going to completely get rid of traffic just for me but maybe my hours could change or maybe He’ll open up a different door or opportunity or maybe He’ll just give me more patience?

Who knows? But I’ll never know – you’ll never know, if we don’t pray about it.

I use the analogy of traffic but this applies to everything in life.

Have you prayed about your finances during the good and bad times?

Have you prayed about your children or marriage or work?

Instead of allowing yourself to become all-consumed with worry and frustration and stress, stop right where you are and just pour your heart out to Jesus.

His word says, “Worry about nothing, pray about everything.” Philippians 4:6 NLT

Prayer is our tool, our resource and it’s our relationship with God.

If you haven’t experienced peace, pray for His peace through it all and never stop praying about it.

When you wake up – pray; when thoughts of worry start to creep in your mind – pray; when you feel yourself becoming frustrated or overwhelmed – pray;  even when you’re at peace – Pray.

Invite God in during those times and He will see you through.



Have you experienced God’s peace? Please share with us in the comments below.

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Thank you for visiting and God Bless.

Anita M.


4 thoughts on “Discovering God’s Peace 

  1. Thelma says:

    I am a commuter and absolutely feel your pain!! I am happy to say I had a situation arise today that originally put me in panic mode. I was able to take a moment to pray and talk to someone I know is grounded in God’s word. I felt God’s love and peace and it was absolutely amazing. As always thank you for your words of wisdom. I so appreciate all that you do💕


    • Anita M says:

      That’s awesome, true example of the power of prayer and God’s peace AND even better is having someone you can go to who is grounded in His word! Thank you for sharing, it’s always great to see how He’s working in other people’s lives. God bless.


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