Meditation Monday: Anger

“Control your temper, for anger labels you a fool.”‭‭

Ecclesiastes‬ ‭7:9‬ ‭NLT

Father, you are the true example of peace, patience and tranquility. Your word provides us with details on how we can live a peaceful life, yet – we don’t follow it. Forgive me for letting my own ways take over which leads to worry, stress and even anger. Forgive me when I lose my patience or lash out at others; I know I am only hurting myself when I do so and I’m not living in a way that pleases you. 

Thank you for being a God of understanding, one who is loving and forgiving. Please give me your peace and patience especially when I have none of my own. Help me to be a godly example, whether it’s towards total strangers or those that I love. I know there will be many times when I may be frustrated, tired, annoyed or overwhelmed, those are the times when I need your strength most. Please don’t allow anger to overcome me but instead fill me with your gentle spirit.

In Jesus’ name I pray -Amen. 

(Meditation Monday: These scriptures and prayers are intended to give you encouragement for the day and/or week. Maybe you don’t know God very well or are not sure how to pray to Him, hopefully this will help guide you. I pray this speaks to someone out there. Thanks for stopping by and God Bless.)

Anita Marie

*Sure enough, after I wrote this prayer my faith was tested and I was convicted. I lost my patience and my temper but immediately brought it the Lord. Normally what would have turned into bitterness and days of anger, instead fizzled away shortly after. I was also able to let go of my pride and apologize for my behavior. Proof that the Lord can give you the strength and humility that you need!


4 thoughts on “Meditation Monday: Anger

  1. Helen says:

    Thank you so much for this. I need this right now. I’m in the process of having to find a new place to live and it’s so frustrating. I keep running into block walls. However, I did find a perfect home that I will hear about tomorrow. I have not fully given it to God; I find myself trying to do it my way. I did ask for His help to give me peace and guide me. He has answered me. I know it’s not up to me. It’s up to Him. So I need to let go And let God.

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    • Anita M says:

      Amen, sometimes it takes small steps to walk into the arms of God but when you do, you will feel His presence like never before! I will pray for your new home and ask God to give you peace and patience while you wait, and I would ask the readers in the WOW community to do the same. Please keep us posted, I know the perfect home is waiting for you. God Bless.


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