Knee Deep

Do you ever sit and ponder God’s love for you? 

I do — and when I do, I try to put it into context and all I can think of is — the ocean.

The ocean in it’s vastness and how it spreads across the entire Earth; the ocean whose power cannot only sink ships, destroy buildings and consume people but also provides food, shelter and life for millions living within it. 

I think of how deep and mysterious it is and even though thousands have explored it’s depths, there is still so much that is left to be uncovered

I think of how we can view and experience the ocean from the shoreline and have no idea of all the beauty and wonder that lies beneath or how we can dive in, explore, seek and discover all the hidden treasures that lie beneath. 

As I think of the ocean in comparison to God’s love, I realize I’m only knee deep in His endless ocean

Although I am no longer a spectator watching from the shoreline, I have only begun to get my feet wet…and yet — He calls me deeper still. 

I’m in awe of His magnificence and I just want to jump in with no life jacket, no inhibitions and no fear!

I want to explore every cavern and crevasse within His unbounded depths and seek out all of His hidden treasures and wonders. 

What about you?

Are you simply dipping your toes in and just testing the water? Are you waiting for a better day or maybe better weather? Maybe when you’re not too busy or too tired or are in a ‘good place’?

Is God calling you deeper still?

You will never discover what lies within the vastness of His ocean if you never leave the shoreline; The Lord may be calling you deeper still but it starts with you diving in — no life jacket, no inhibition and no fear!

He wants you to dive into His word, search the caverns of His truth and uncover the treasures of His promises

Father, Your love for me is so overwhelming yet so wonderful. Help me to go deeper in my relationship with you; consume every bit of me, sweep me off the shore and into the deep depths of your love. Reveal to me all of the hidden treasures I have yet to discover and keep me always searching for more. I pray in Jesus’ name – Amen. 

Can you relate to today’s post and God’s love for you? Is He calling you deeper?

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Thank you for visiting – God bless. 

Anita Marie


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