Does Pain Have Purpose?

Pain, heartache, loss, trials, what are they all for anyways?
Do you ever wonder why we must endure any of this?

I know this question has crossed your mind at least once in your lifetime because I don’t know anyone who has never experienced a trial.

I can’t help but have these questions that fill up my mind like, “Why me?” “How could God allow this?” “Why is there heartache?”

I’m sure many of you struggle with these same questions as well.

But then I wonder, maybe we must endure pain for a short time in order for something greater to occur? Just as God sacrificed his only Son, maybe we’re a sacrifice for the greater good of someone or something else?

Maybe someone will find hope because of it or will believe in themselves again or know they’re not alone; maybe a friendship will come out of it or a relationship or more importantly maybe someone will come to know the goodness of God through it.

After all how can we truly know and appreciate God’s goodness and love if we never even need him?

I Got A Boo Boo

You know how it is when your children completely ignore you; they’d rather play with their toys, watch TV all day, or hang with their friends until that moment comes when they endure some kind of pain. They hit their head, break an arm, or get their feelings hurt but it’s in the midst of their suffering that they need you the most.

There’s nothing like a kiss or embrace from your mom or dad when you get a boo boo and as a parent, there is no greater feeling than to be able to come to your child’s rescue when they are crying out for you. The reason we are like this is because God is like this.

He wants us to cry out to him but instead what do we do, we doubt him, we curse him, we turn our backs on him.

We turn to people who let us down, things that can’t fill us up, and habits that break us.

As I reflect back on my own set of trials, whether it was a rough childhood or the poor decisions and bad relationships to the ultimate heartache of losing a child, through it all I can see that there has been a greater purpose and being able to use my struggles, my heartache, and my pain to encourage others has brought me great joy.

His Purpose is Perfect

Maybe you’re going through a struggle and can’t possibly see any good coming from it, I just ask that you trust in the Lord and cry out to Him and just watch as he swoops in and comforts you.

Maybe you’re reading this and you’re angry at God or can’t conceive how a God of good can allow pain and suffering and I just ask that you cry out to Him anyways; allow Him to come to your rescue and be amazed by what he does.

I don’t understand a lot of things still but what I do know is the peace that you’ll have if you’ll just run towards him instead of away from him. No one is exempt from heartache but you can either trust in yourself and grow bitter and cold or you can trust in Him and grow greater in His love.

As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you. (Isaiah 66:13a)

Stop & Reflect: Have you allowed your pain to be used for God’s purpose?

(This is repost from an earlier post but thought it was powerful enough to share with those who may have missed it.)


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