How God Mends the Fibers of Our Heart When Adversity Has Torn it Apart

“For thus says the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel: “In returning and rest you shall be saved; In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭30:15‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

This verse is one the Lord has been speaking to me for some time, however, it wasn’t until tragedy struck that I was forced to peel back the layers and cut through the tendons of truth within it.

In studying this scripture I found that this was a time where the people of Judah were facing adversity as their enemies were about to attack. This was a moment where they needed God’s provision and protection the most; a moment they should have sought after God for guidance and direction but in disobedience and rebellion, they turned to the Egyptians instead.

In Isaiah, God warns them of the destruction that would occur by being disobedient and trusting in others. It’s in Isaiah 30:15 where God gives this beautiful promise of trusting in Him. If only the people of Judah would turn away from their own schemes and plans; if only they would lay aside their fears and instead, have confidence in God’s promisesdeliverance and almighty power and if only — we too would do the same. 

As I unfold each layer of this verse, God vividly reveals the importance of this truth in our own lives. We all at some time in our lives will face adversity, whether a sickness, a loss, a tragic event, or some kind of setback — you may right now, be in the thick of it. 

God, in his simplicity and sovereignty, directs us in these moments to return and rest in Him. 

He directs us to have a quiet spirit — meaning one without fear, worry, or anxiety, which is like a sweet perfume poured out before him.

Although adversity may rip and tear at our hearts, it’s essential to breakdown and rebuild us into the beautiful image of Christ. It’s in this crucial resting period where God will bind our wounds and make us strong.

In a recent post, I shared about a tragic accident my family and I endured. As a result, I sustained an injury to my right hand which required quite a few stitches around my thumb and, what do you think were the doctors orders — Rest

In order for this wound to heal, it had to rest. There were times when I decided it was rested and strong enough, only to painfully discover that it needed more time. 

What if I had ignored the healing process? 

What if I didn’t allow the body to do what it needed to fight off infection and mend all the delicate pieces back together? 

I could almost inevitably guarantee some long term negative effects. However, if I just wait and rest, once this little digit is fully healed it’s going to be one mighty and healthy thumb and that’s what the Lord wants for us.

More importantly than our physical body, God wants rest and healing for our soul. 

When we are wounded, afflicted, or injured God, our mighty physician, will do the mending. He will suture the torn fibers of our heart, fuse the delicate pieces together, fight off the infection and ultimately, heal and strengthen our soul.

Stop & Reflect: How do you react in times of adversity? Do you find yourself trying to control the situation or turning to others for guidance? If you’re finding yourself worrying, anxious, or trusting in others instead of God, return and rest in Him. Allow his Spirit to move in you, to calm you and give you the confidence needed through Christ.

I’d love to hear how this post spoke to you, feel free to share your heart in the comments below.

Thank you for visiting, God bless.

Anita Marie


4 thoughts on “How God Mends the Fibers of Our Heart When Adversity Has Torn it Apart

    • Anita M says:

      Thank you Lord for using this message to speak to T at just the right moment. You are so good and gracious and you know what our souls need. I pray that you would continue to guide her in whatever season she is in and whatever adversity she may be facing. May you give her strength and comfort and may it all be used for you glory. In Jesus’ name, amen. God bless you T. 😊


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