[Free] Bible Coloring Guide

Do you find when you read God’s word, that almost every other verse unlocks some awe inspiring wisdom that your heart just wants to cling to? Or are you fascinated by those verses that contain interesting or important facts that add another piece to the puzzle? Do you find yourself mesmerized when you get a glimpse of God’s Holy character and heart?

Well I often do and in my attempt to capture it all, I start marking up, highlighting and taking notes in my Bible; but then, in returning back,  I could never make sense of all the colors and lines I put down?? So I was adamant on figuring out a system where I could easily glean and decipher those pieces of wisdom and/or scripture when studying God’s word. 

Well in my quest for organization and order, I thought I’d do some research on how I could make my studying more purposeful and meaningful and I was fortunate to find some helpful guides and information; however, I thought I’d used my creative skills and take it a step further and so I decided to create a Bible Coloring Guide — not only for myself but to share with all of you.

You can use it as a guide in highlighting scripture so you can easily locate verses on things like God’s image, his commands, his promises and other gems the Bible has to offer. (Note: the only color that didn’t make the cut was gray or black which represents Satan, sin, and death.)

I began using it and it’s been very helpful, especially when my heart is seeking something specific such as scripture on faith or days when I’m in serious need of reminding of God’s promises. 

You can print the image shown for a scaled down bookmark version which can be printed on card stock and kept in your Bible or you can click here to download the full PDF version.

I’d love to hear whether this was a helpful resource to you.

Enjoy and God bless.

Anita Marie

(P.S. Feel free to share on Pinterest, Facebook, etc., however, I would kindly ask that you do provide a link back to this site – thank you!)


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