A Gem: The True Leader

I just had to share this nugget of wisdom from my Proverbs 31 study: “The True Leader”

“You can always tell who the true leader in any room is…she is the one others look to and aspire to be because of who she is in Christ.” -Brenda Leavenworth 

Stop & Reflect: Ask yourself the questions posed in this passage, 1) Do you know her? 2) Do you spend time with her? 3) Do you model yourself after her?

If you are willing to share your heart with regards to these questions, I’d love to hear who this woman (or women) is in your life? Let this provide an opportunity to celebrate these godly women.

Here is how I would answer those questions:

1) Do you know her? Yes, although I didn’t grow up knowing many godly women, I’ve had the pleasure to meet some amazing women in my church, especially the group leaders in my current study who are just filled with the Holy Spirit.

2) Do you spend time with her? Yes, I make it a point to involve myself in my churches women’s ministry so that I can glean from all the wise and spiritual women. I can say I’ve grown immensely because of this.

3) Do you model yourself after her? Yes, I am continuing to grow in my walk with the Lord and strive to be more and more Christ like every day. Those attributes that I glean from these women, I live out in my daily life.

Can’t wait to hear your responses.

God bless.

~Anita Marie


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