Thankful for You!

As you’re all stuffed with stuffing, turkey and mash, I pray that you are stuffed, no — OVERFLOWING with thankfulness and gratitude because I know I am!

I am thankful for all of you and in this season of Thanksgiving I just wanted to share that. Writing my heart out can be tough at times but when I hear how it’s touched you, helped you or spoken to your heart, it makes it all worth while. I’m thankful that the Lord is using me as vessel to spread His love to each of you.

As a gift of gratitude I’m sharing this free printable I created just for you “7 Verses on Thankfulness“. [click link below to download PDF]

Download PDF here: 7-verses-on-thankfulness

I hope you enjoy and pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving day.

God’s blessings.

Anita Marie


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