Lay Your Baggage of Burdens Down

Here we are, two weeks into the New Year and all I can think is, “wow, where did the time go?”

It feels like Christmas was just here — I blinked and suddenly bam, I’m thrusted into a new year!

I certainly thought all of my goals and visions would have been laid out by now but sadly, it hasn’t happened.  I didn’t enter into this year feeling victorious or excited about conquering a fresh new start, as a matter of fact, I entered it ill-equipped and in defeat – feeling less than and not good enough. The end of last year had a lot of turbulence and unplanned circumstances that set me off course — before I knew it I was off the map. I wasn’t meeting my personal goals, my spiritual growth was stunted and worst of all, at times I felt distant from the Lord. This is the baggage I flung over my shoulder and hauled in with me.

Not a good way to begin a fresh new start.


As I meditate on this powerful verse in Matthew 11:28, my desire to have it all together and the need to feel worthy slips away like sand through my fingertips — all I’m left holding is God’s faithfulness and truth. He is the One True North that gets us back on course. He is the one who puts all the scattered pieces back in their place and gives us a fresh start. Such a freeing truth to such a wearisome soul.

How about you my friend? Do you have a wearisome soul?

We tend to forget that although our life, our circumstances and our feelings change, our God remains the same. The One who sustained, strengthened, comforted and guided us all throughout the previous year, remains the same.

Whether you are reading this in the beginning of the year or smack-dab in the middle of it, it’s all the same. If you are hauling a suitcase full of burdens, be reminded that our Lord, Jesus Christ, wants to give us rest. He calls to us and can renew, restore, and replenish us any time of the year. So go ahead, lay your baggage of burdens down at His feet in exchange for His perfect peace.

Heavenly Father,  

Thank you for a new beginning. Although I didn’t enter this New Year as I had hoped, I know that you have great plans in store. I lay my burdens at your feet in exchange for Your yoke. Please give my weary soul rest and replenish me with a fresh filling of your Holy Spirit. I pray you would go before me this year Lord. Help me to discern when my soul is in need of rest and help me to return to You. My heart is overjoyed in thinking of all that you have yet to do in and through me. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen. 

If you found this post touched your heart, please share in the comments below. If you know of a burdensome soul who could use some encouragement and reminding of our sovereign God, please pass this post on. Thank you for stopping in, God bless.

Anita Marie


4 thoughts on “Lay Your Baggage of Burdens Down

  1. Anita Marie says:

    Heavenly Father, I pray for JR and lift her up to you. Lord you know the burdens she is carrying this moment, search her heart and seek out those things that are causing her pain. I pray you would begin to do a radical work in and through her. Help her to lay her burdens at your feet. Strengthen her and give a steadfast heart to overcome. I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.


  2. JR says:

    I feel exactly the same way. It’s so hard to see that light sometimes. Reading your post makes me feel like I’m not alone in the struggle but together we will conquer.

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