Meditation Monday: God is Guiding You

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will counsel you with My eye upon you.” (Psalm 32:8)

Heavenly Father, thank you for your continued guidance and strength. Thank you for being the bright light that illuminates my path through this dark and uncertain world. Your Word says, there is nowhere I can go where you are not already there. (Psalm 139:7) You are a watchful eye at all times; a place of safety when I am afraid; a place of comfort when I am in pain. Thank You Father, for loving me enough to instruct me, to teach me, and to guide me down the path that is best for my life.

Forgive me when I don’t heed Your counsel. Forgive me when I feel my wisdom is better than Yours. Each time, I’m left wandering in the dark but still, You are always right there to get me back on course.

I pray for those who are lost in their ways. I pray for those who refuse to surrender their lives over to You because of pride or anger or bitterness. I ask that You would give them a glimpse of Your light Lord. Illuminate their paths and help them to see the right path to walk.

As I go into this new week, I ask that You instruct and teach me along the way. Help me to hear Your voice and to feel Your presence near. Keep me from walking in my own way, help me to surrender each new day to You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

~Anita Marie


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