How to Have Victory in the Valley

Life is full of mountain highs and valley lows. It's easy to be victorious when standing on the mountaintop but easy to be defeated in the depths of the valley. God desires to prepare us in advance so we can have victory in our valleys. Read on to discover how you can be victorious in the valley.

Sailing the Seas of Step-parenting

My life changed in that moment, when a big-eyed, dark-haired boy wobbled into my life and captured my heart forever.  Matthew was like any toddler— rambunctious, curious, and so adorable. At the tender age of one and a half years old, he had no idea what the future held. He was unaware his time would … Continue reading Sailing the Seas of Step-parenting

Set Ablaze 

As I drive along the highway, my eyes catch a glimpse of a stunning sight – an array of tangerine-colored wildflowers cascading along a hillside. I’ve driven along this highway many times, but never have I caught a sight such as this. Friends, head on over to Cisneros Cafe to read full article. My post is … Continue reading Set Ablaze 

Heart Wide Open (How God births beauty from brokenness)

"If you've ever experienced deep-seated agony, then you know the stinging pain that reverberates throughout your entire body. One that brings with it a burning sensation that never dissipates. Like Novocain to a throbbing and relentless toothache – you numb the pain, vowing never to feel this hurt again."

Heart-Dresser (Walk-ins are welcome)

Do you find yourself as concerned with the inside as you are with the outside? Do you ever wonder what would happen if the Lord stripped back all the outer adornments of our heart, what would he find? Are the fibers of our heart fresh and vibrant or dry and brittle? The Lord wants us to step into his beauty parlor with our dry and brittle layers and walk out with a fresh and flowing heart.

Feed Your Faith, Not Your Fears

He stood at the edge and peered down; beaded droplets glided down the side of his face, and landed on his sweat-drenched shirt. I could feel his adrenaline racing, and I knew his heart was pumping...thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump. He glanced over at me, then took a couple steps back. One step forward. Two steps back. … Continue reading Feed Your Faith, Not Your Fears

Lay Your Baggage of Burdens Down

Here we are, two weeks into the New Year and all I can think is, "wow, where did the time go?" It feels like Christmas was just here -- I blinked and suddenly bam, I’m thrusted into a new year! I certainly thought all of my goals and visions would have been laid out by now but … Continue reading Lay Your Baggage of Burdens Down

Joy To The World (A message of Hope to a hurting heart)

Why is it, in seasons of brokenness, God's voice seems louder, his embrace tighter and his presence closer than ever?  There's something about being broken that produces profound intimacy with the Lord. It's often in the pit of despair, where the door to God's glorious grace is unlocked. As we're surrounded by songs of Joy … Continue reading Joy To The World (A message of Hope to a hurting heart)

Fulfilling God’s Will in the Face of Defeat

Is there a passion or a calling that God has kindled within your heart? Maybe this spark was ignited as a child and has grown over time or maybe, it was something God thrusted upon you in an instant, all you know is, you can't stop thinking about it.   So just like an obedient child, … Continue reading Fulfilling God’s Will in the Face of Defeat