Dare Greatly

I heard this quote recently and for some reason, it just reverberated deep within my soul; at the time it was a perfect message for my husband who, as a law enforcement officer, gets in the arena day in and day out and feels constantly criticized by the public, the media and those who stand … Continue reading Dare Greatly


Satan Seeks to Devour

In a recent bible study, one of our speakers said something that really resonated with me, she said, “Satan seeks to devour where God seeks to Empower.” Let me repeat that just so it really sinks in, “Satan seeks to DEVOUR where God seeks to EMPOWER.” You’ve heard the verse “God works out all things … Continue reading Satan Seeks to Devour

Light The Night Walk – Celebrating Martin Piñon

Recently a good friend of mine lost her nephew, Martin Anthony Piñon, to Leukemia; he was only 17 years old. Although I never got a chance to meet him, I have heard about the great spirit, strength, and courage he had in the midst of fighting his battle. It's never a happy time when a … Continue reading Light The Night Walk – Celebrating Martin Piñon