Shine Bright Like a Diamond

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and I definitely can’t argue with that.  Despite the price, everything about a diamond is beautiful; from the different cuts, color and sizes to the way it reflects the light and twinkles like a million stars. And not only is it beautiful but it’s strong – in … Continue reading Shine Bright Like a Diamond


Are You Spiritually Unfit?

   It’s now mid-February and although I didn’t set a New Year’s resolution, the desire to ‘get in shape’ is still prevalent on my mind. I’ve been walking, running and getting my steps in. I watch my calories and meal prep (okay I actually only meal prepped once but I sure did feel pretty healthy … Continue reading Are You Spiritually Unfit?

“I’ll Pray for You”

I have been experiencing the power of prayer lately in amazing ways, not only in my own personal life but with those around me as well. I never really understood or grasped what prayer really was until I started studying and meditating on scripture and surrounding myself with godly people. I feel it’s important to … Continue reading “I’ll Pray for You”