I’m (not) Sorry if You’re Offended

I’m sure by now many of you have seen the news clip of the man being interviewed by the media and speaking or ‘not’ speaking about everyone being offended these days. He basically said in order to not offend anyone you have to walk around with your mouth shut.  I don’t know about you but … Continue reading I’m (not) Sorry if You’re Offended


I’m Afraid

I’m sure many of you ladies can agree that the pressures and the burdens that we place upon ourselves can be rough at times. The fear of doing-all and being-all can be all-consuming. As much as I like to be of courage and one of encouragement, I’m just as afraid. I’m afraid of what others … Continue reading I’m Afraid

Four-letter Word

Fear Not Let’s talk about that bad four-letter word; you know the one that starts with an F…FEAR. We know it all too well, we all face it at some point or another but how do we overcome it? I have read so many books, articles and blogs on this subject and so I thought … Continue reading Four-letter Word

You Are Who You Are

“I am what I am and that’s all that I am.” -Popeye Leave it to a children’s cartoon to explain something so simple, yet something so often forgotten by us adults. Sometimes we need reminding that we are who we are - a beautiful creation from God, with a spirit and a soul that is … Continue reading You Are Who You Are

Growing Pains

So I’ve been having a bit of anxiety, you see now that my Words of Wisdom have been converted into an official blog, that is (by the way) accessible to anyone – it’s kinda scary. I have a whole new set of emotions going on, from uncertainty, to nervousness, to doubt. When I had the … Continue reading Growing Pains