O’ Death Where is Your Sting (Words from a hopeful mother)

Today is always a bittersweet day for me. Although it’s been 14 years, the pain is as raw today as it was then. Am I supposed to be sad, joyous, sorrowful? My emotions always run rampant on this day. This day use to hang a deep dark cloud over me, ready at any moment to … Continue reading O’ Death Where is Your Sting (Words from a hopeful mother)

Heart Wide Open (How God births beauty from brokenness)

"If you've ever experienced deep-seated agony, then you know the stinging pain that reverberates throughout your entire body. One that brings with it a burning sensation that never dissipates. Like Novocain to a throbbing and relentless toothache – you numb the pain, vowing never to feel this hurt again."

O’ My Soul

   For some reason, the Lord has been speaking to me lately about trials and heartache.  I'm not sure why? Aren't  the holidays to be a time of joy, peace and laughter; a time where families gather, children play and husbands and wives snuggle up together -- I guess it's because unfortunately, that's not the … Continue reading O’ My Soul