A Mighty Tree

Just as you can identify a tree by its fruit, so you can identify people by their actions." -Matthew 7:20 I love the examples the bible gives of comparing us to nature and to trees of all things. We all know that trees can only grow strong and mighty and produce good fruit when they’re … Continue reading A Mighty Tree


The Value of a Mentor

I’m sure many of you can recall at least one or two people who truly made a positive impact in your life, they may have taught you how to be successful or maybe how to be confident or helped you see your full potential; no matter what the impact was, the one thing they helped … Continue reading The Value of a Mentor

Growing Pains

So I’ve been having a bit of anxiety, you see now that my Words of Wisdom have been converted into an official blog, that is (by the way) accessible to anyone – it’s kinda scary. I have a whole new set of emotions going on, from uncertainty, to nervousness, to doubt. When I had the … Continue reading Growing Pains