Celebrate a Life

I recently attended funeral services for my grandfather, he was 85 years old when God called him home. After not only hearing but also speaking about how great and loved he was, it got me to thinking, one day people will be celebrating my life when I’m gone but I wonder… what would they say? … Continue reading Celebrate a Life


Women on a Mission

In this day an age, with everything and everyone so accessible by a simple push of a button, I'm finding that more and more women are using this to their advantage and going into business for themselves. Not to mention, with so many people out of work, women are seeing the opportunities instead of the … Continue reading Women on a Mission

Quality vs. Quantity

The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important. -Martin Luther King Jr. You could live until you were 100 years old but if you don't live a life of quality what's the point? Try not to get weighed down by the negativity that life can bring, don't consume yourself with gossip, … Continue reading Quality vs. Quantity