I Really Like You But…

Ladies, have you ever had a guy who was really into you; I mean head-over-heels into you but you didn’t feel the same way? Maybe he did really nice things for you like bringing you flowers; maybe he always asked how you’re day was and comforted you when you were down. Maybe you ran to … Continue reading I Really Like You But…


His Love

I don't know what it is but today I'm just overjoyed with the love of Christ. Maybe it's because I heard an awesome message today at church, or maybe it's just being in a room full of peace and love, where everyone's differences, attitudes, worries, and problems are put aside for a greater purpose, that … Continue reading His Love

Celebrate a Life

I recently attended funeral services for my grandfather, he was 85 years old when God called him home. After not only hearing but also speaking about how great and loved he was, it got me to thinking, one day people will be celebrating my life when I’m gone but I wonder… what would they say? … Continue reading Celebrate a Life