Joy To The World (A message of Hope to a hurting heart)

Why is it, in seasons of brokenness, God's voice seems louder, his embrace tighter and his presence closer than ever?  There's something about being broken that produces profound intimacy with the Lord. It's often in the pit of despair, where the door to God's glorious grace is unlocked. As we're surrounded by songs of Joy … Continue reading Joy To The World (A message of Hope to a hurting heart)


Shine Bright Like a Diamond

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and I definitely can’t argue with that.  Despite the price, everything about a diamond is beautiful; from the different cuts, color and sizes to the way it reflects the light and twinkles like a million stars. And not only is it beautiful but it’s strong – in … Continue reading Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Stormy Weather

Isn't it amazing how the worst storms make the most beautiful skies? You can almost guarantee after a storm that the sunset and sunrise will be breathtaking. I usually have my camera ready in anticipation of capturing God's glory painted across the sky; clear sunny days are nice but there’s just something magical that happens … Continue reading Stormy Weather

“I’ll Pray for You”

I have been experiencing the power of prayer lately in amazing ways, not only in my own personal life but with those around me as well. I never really understood or grasped what prayer really was until I started studying and meditating on scripture and surrounding myself with godly people. I feel it’s important to … Continue reading “I’ll Pray for You”